Record 4K video using Free AnyCap Screen Recorder

4K displays are becoming more popular. Recording game or screen sharing in 4K become more important.
The Free AnyCap 4K Screen Recorder helps you smoothly record 4K videos easily.

Key features:
1, record computer screen with 4k UHD quality output.
2, selectable application window to record.
3, record Google Hangout and Skype videos or audios in high definition.

Free download AnyCap 4K Screen recorder at

5 tips for recording high-quality Skype video calls

As the saying goes, good tools are prerequisite to the success of a job. If you want to get high-definition Skype video recording quality, you need a faster computer and a high-definition web camera. In addition, you need to install a Skype recorder software that supports HD recording of Skype videos (As I know, there are only Eccam and Evaer support HD Skype video recording).

Then, you need to make sure that the light around you is bright, and the dim light can eclipse the HD-capable camera. You can choose to sit in front of a bright window or have plenty of light.

Once you’ve got your recording equipment ready to go, it’s important to use the right settings to set your video quality up for success. Make sure you check your equipment prior to recording to ensure that the settings are set up according to our recommendations below :

Quality settings: use high resolution 720p or 1080p settings
Video Compression codec: H.264 (with AAC audio codec)
Aspect ratio: 16:9
Resolution: 1280×720 or 1920×1080
Frame rate: 15-30 fps

Skype HD Video Recording settings
Evaer for Skype – Recording HD Skype video settings                                


It is best to quit the software that consumes more resources before you officially start recording. Because more CPU and memory resources may be needed during video recording. You can open the Windows Task Manager to see the CPU and memory resources currently occupied by each program, as well as the remaining CPU and memory resources. Then decide whether to quit some software.

Now, you can then make a video call over Skype and record your video call with the best video quality.

Best Skype Video Recorder Software of 2019

We researched and evaluated 6 Skype video recorder options that range in price from free to $29 – narrowing that list down to the best choices available. We tested the Skype video recording quality, and examined each unit’s features. We believe Evaer is the best Skype video recorder for most people because it recording the Skype audio and video is better than any software we tested. If you need to record your Skype video call in HD quality, this is the best option.

Best Overall

Evaer  The most stable, easy-to-use, and comprehensive Skype video recorder.

Evaer is the best Skype video recording quality recorder software we tested.  It supports recording Skype video into side by side, picture in picture , remote video only, local video only and so on.    It also provide the changeable
video recording codec, video resolution (supports 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p), aspect ratio (4:3, 16:9) and frame rate.

The another exciting feature is the switch video stream on the fly while you recording Skype video calls.  Just need to click the “Start recording” / “Stop recording” button to switch the video channel on/off during the Skype recording.

Switch video channel on the fly during recording Skype video calls
Switch video stream on the fly


1,  Supports up to 1080p video recording quality.

2, Record original video data to record without data loss.

3,  Supports picture-in-picture, side-by-side (landscape ,portrait), separate files, audio-only, local-webcam-only and remote-webcam-only mode.

4,  Dynamically switch the video channel when recording Skype video call.

5, Exchange video channel position during the recording on picture-in-picture mode.

6, Preview video while recording video calls.

7, Support two output video format MP4 and AVI.

8, Compatible with Skype App and Desktop of Skype.


1, It isn’t compatible with Mac.

2, Could not delete all recorded files at once.

3, Does not support Web Skype.

Pamela It has a long history of Skype recorder.    And it provide many other features that other Skype recorders do not have.

Pamela offers many usefull features to control and customize your Skype – record calls, manage chat histories, do not miss birthday dates and many other features.

Pamela for Skype

It capture the Skype audio data via Skype API and capture the Skype screen to record the video into AVI format.  It will capture everything what you do on Skype, such as call button, chat message .  It will could not capture the video correctly if you move/resize the Skype window.

After you installed the Pamela, you need to allow it to access your Skype API.  The Skype will popup a API access control dialog.  But the Skype API has been disabled since the Skype version 8.  So, you must to install old version of Skype version 7.x to work with Pamela.


1, Support many other features (Such as Answering Machine, Auto Chat Reply, Birthday Reminders…)

2, Easy to use.


1, Only compatible with old Skype 7.x.   Not support latest Skype App and Skype 8.x.

2, Capture Skype screen to record video data, video quality is unclear and video image does not pure.

3, It does not compatible with Mac.

EcammIt’s the best Skype video recorder under Mac. Ecamm Call Recorder records Skype audio and video calls directly to your Mac.

Their web says “With Ecamm Call Recorder you get stunning, high-quality, HD recordings. You can record your Skype video sessions, podcasts and interviews as you see them, or in our unique side-by-side and split-screen modes.”

After testing we found that it was very good for Skype video recording on Mac. The quality of the video it recorded is clear, and the quality of the sound recorded using the headset is also good.

The Ecamm Call Recorder also support multi-track recording feature, that lets you split tracks after a call.

Ecamm call recorder


1, HD video quality.

2, Supports picture-in-picture, side-by-side, split-screen modes.

3, Supports multi-track recording feature.


1, It does not compatible with PC.

2, Only desktop of Skype supported.

Amolto It is a screen recording software that also supports recording other IM tools, such as Teams, Skype for business.

Its configuration is a bit complicated if you have multiple audio devices on your computer, because it captures data through the default audio device. If your default device does not match the device used by Skype, you will not be able to record sound. So you need to configure the device before you start recording.

It capture the Skype window to save it into video file. So, you can see everything(include Skype menu) which you are doing on Skype. It’s unprofessional if you want to record the video for interviews, broadcasting.


1, Supports Skype, Skype for Business, Team.


1, Capture screen for recording video image.

2, Configuration is a bit cumbersome.

3, Unprofessional for interviews.

4, It does not compatible with Mac.

Free Video Call Recorder for SkypeIt is the first free Skype video recorder in the world for recording Skype video calls without any limitations.

It’s simple and easy to use, it provides the following modes for recording Skype video calls: Picture in picture, remote video only, audio only.

You need to specify the recording mode before you start the recording , then choose the output folder and press “Start recording” button to start. If you don’t want to record the video during the conversation, just click on “Pause recording”. And please click the
“Stop” button to finish the recording.

But it only compatible with older version of desktop of Skype 7. The “Start recording” button will never turn on if you use the Skype 8 or Skype App.


1, Free recording Skype version 7.x .

2, Supports picture in picture, remote video only, audio only modes.

3, Easy to use.


1, It does not compatible with the Skype 8 and Skype App.

2, Sometimes the “Start recording” button did not turn on after the Skype call connected.

3, It does not compatible with Mac.

Skype Build-in Free Call RecorderWith Skype version 8 you have the ability to record your Skype to Skype calls directly in the Skype App.

The Skype call recording feature is completely cloud-based and you can use the build-in call recording featue on most platforms.
When you start recording the Skype call, everyone in the call is notified that the call is being recorded, you could not turn off this notification. After the call recording, the recorded call store on the Microsoft cloud-based storage server for the next 30 days.

For PC/ MAC: To start call recording on the PC or Mac, at the bottom of the screen click the  + More options button, then select Start recording as below image shown.

For Mobile devices:

To start call recording on mobile, tap the + More options button and then tap “Start recording” button.

It will auto send the recording notification to everyone. A banner appears in your Skype window letting everyone know you’ve started recording the call.

Call recording notification on PC / Mac

Call recording notification on mobile

The best Skype video recorder for Windows OS

Evaer is a well-known Skype recorder software and the only Skype recording software that supports HD recording. There are other Skype recording software products available in the market today for this purpose, but most of them use screen recording to record Skype video calls. Evaer works in a completely different way from them.

Evaer Skype recorder directly gets the raw Skype audio and video data for recording, and even if zooming in and out of the Skype window during a call, the recording quality of the video will have no impact whatsoever, and it will end up with excellent Skype recording quality.

Recording Skype calls with Evaer is easy and it can automatically record Skype calls without any setup after installation. By default, it will automatically record Skype video calls in MP4 format and voice calls in MP3 format. Of course, it can choose different options depending on the requirements.

The video section provides the following functions:

– Video recording mode: It can choose different video recording modes according to the requirements, mainly supports side by side (landscape, portrait), picture-in-picture, local video only, remote video only, audio only.

– Video image size: It can choose the resolution and aspect ratio of the Skype video recording. The higher the resolution, the more storage space and CPU resources required. It provides up to 1080P of video recording resolution.

– Video frame rate: It is available in 15fps, 25fps and 30fps.

– Video output format: It provides MP4 and AVI formats.

– Video codec: It can choose the video codec depending on the needs. Usually, the default H.264 codec will be recorded in the desired effect of the video.

The audio section offers three basic options for recording: both sides of the audio, recording local audio or remote audio. It can also choose whether the audio source is obtained directly from Skype or from the sound devices.

Exclusive proprietary features:

It offers exclusive features that allow previewing and controlling recorded video streams in real time. For example, John is now recording his video call in side by side recording mode, and if he now wants to record only remote video images, he can pause recording his video image by simply clicking the button under his video image in the video preview window. This is very convenient to use. In picture-in-picture video recording mode, it can switch the position of the video at any time.

Evaer supports all versions of Skype under Windows. It only needs to be downloaded and can be used without worrying about compatibility issues with Skype.

Evaer is the best choice for recording Skype calls. It offers two license versions, a standard license at $19.95 and a professional license at $29.95, and provides the 30 Days money back guarantee which gives users a tension free purchase experience. Please visit the download page to free get Evaer Skype recorder, it’s quick and easy.

5 best Skype recorders comparison

There are many Skype recording solutions available in market today, but which one is best?  Firstly, let’s see the Skype recorder comparison list below.

Skype Recorder NameAudio RecordingVideo RecordingHD RecordingVideo FormatDesktop of Skype Supported UWP Skype SupportedSkype Preview SupportedPriceWindows SupportedMac Supported
eCamm MP4$39.95



It’s a screen recorder. It record Skype audio, video calls on Windows PC.


1,  Auto start recording Skype calls.

2, Take Skype window snapshots while recording.

3, Record Skype video calls.


1, Video quality is not good.

2, Only support desktop of Skype.

3, Audio recording quality may produce echo if you don’t use headset.


Evaer Skype recorder

It’s a popular Skype recorder. It capture original Skype audio and video data to record with HD quality.


1,  Auto start recording Skype calls.

2,  Auto start Evaer when Skype start.

3, Record Skype video calls directly to your hard disk with picture-in-picture, side-by-side (landscape ,portrait), separate files, audio-only, local-webcam-only and remote-webcam-only mode.

4, Changeable recording video codec, video resolution (supports 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p), aspect ratio (4:3, 16:9) and frame rate.

5, Preview video while recording video calls.

6, Exchange video position during the recording on picture-in-picture mode.

7, Dynamically switch the video when recording Skype video calls.

8, Recording Skype video calls into MP4 or AVI files.


1, No support Mac.



It’s also a popular Skype recorder under Mac.  It capture the audio and video data from Skype directly.


1,  Auto start recording Skype calls.

2,  Multi-track recording feature lets you split tracks after a call.

3,  Easily convert your calls into MP3 files for podcasting.

4,  HD recordings.

5,  Support side-by-side and split-screen video recording modes.


1, No support Windows.



It was a great Skype recorder before. It capture the Skype audio using Skype API, but It became unstable since the Skype API retired.  It capture the Skype screen to record the video, so the video quality is not good.


1, Auto start recording Skype calls.

2, Skype Chat Recording.

3, Birthday Reminders.


1, Unstable since Skype API retired.

2, Video quality is not good.



It was a very powerful Skype recorder,  it capture the Skype video calls clearly and support video editing feature.


1, Auto start recording Skype calls.

2, Support split-screen (side by side), or this side / other side camera video recording modes.

3, Edit recorded video.


1, Unstable if the microphone or camera not as required.

2, Only work with Skype 6.9 or earlier.