5 best Skype recorders comparison

There are many Skype recording solutions available in market today, but which one is best?  Firstly, let’s see the Skype recorder comparison list below.

Skype Recorder NameAudio RecordingVideo RecordingHD RecordingVideo FormatDesktop of Skype Supported UWP Skype SupportedSkype Preview SupportedPriceWindows SupportedMac Supported
eCamm MP4$39.95



It’s a screen recorder. It record Skype audio, video calls on Windows PC.


1,  Auto start recording Skype calls.

2, Take Skype window snapshots while recording.

3, Record Skype video calls.


1, Video quality is not good.

2, Only support desktop of Skype.

3, Audio recording quality may produce echo if you don’t use headset.


Evaer Skype recorder

It’s a popular Skype recorder. It capture original Skype audio and video data to record with HD quality.


1,  Auto start recording Skype calls.

2,  Auto start Evaer when Skype start.

3, Record Skype video calls directly to your hard disk with picture-in-picture, side-by-side (landscape ,portrait), separate files, audio-only, local-webcam-only and remote-webcam-only mode.

4, Changeable recording video codec, video resolution (supports 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p), aspect ratio (4:3, 16:9) and frame rate.

5, Preview video while recording video calls.

6, Exchange video position during the recording on picture-in-picture mode.

7, Dynamically switch the video when recording Skype video calls.

8, Recording Skype video calls into MP4 or AVI files.


1, No support Mac.



It’s also a popular Skype recorder under Mac.  It capture the audio and video data from Skype directly.


1,  Auto start recording Skype calls.

2,  Multi-track recording feature lets you split tracks after a call.

3,  Easily convert your calls into MP3 files for podcasting.

4,  HD recordings.

5,  Support side-by-side and split-screen video recording modes.


1, No support Windows.



It was a great Skype recorder before. It capture the Skype audio using Skype API, but It became unstable since the Skype API retired.  It capture the Skype screen to record the video, so the video quality is not good.


1, Auto start recording Skype calls.

2, Skype Chat Recording.

3, Birthday Reminders.


1, Unstable since Skype API retired.

2, Video quality is not good.



It was a very powerful Skype recorder,  it capture the Skype video calls clearly and support video editing feature.


1, Auto start recording Skype calls.

2, Support split-screen (side by side), or this side / other side camera video recording modes.

3, Edit recorded video.


1, Unstable if the microphone or camera not as required.

2, Only work with Skype 6.9 or earlier.

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